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September 13, 2010

Review of Monkey Cheeks

I love it when I find beautiful, well made, hand made items. I am hoping that the things that I love will also be What U Love as well.

Monkey Cheeks is not only beautiful and well made, it is also unique. Kim is a mother of 2 boys (23 months & 3 months).

“My girlfriends convinced me to start selling my items on Etsy. Opened in Jan 2010 and I'm loving it. Not a bit tired of sewing every night and just love coming up with new items for the store. In fact I have so many things I want to make I just can't find the time.

My favorite part is buying fabric! I actually think I may have an addiction. I can never pass up a pretty print!

I think my most favorite item to make is the crayon wallet. The cute fabrics and a functional item just make it my favorite.”

The two products that I am reviewing are The BUSY MOM Organizer and the Crayon Wallet. But Monkey Cheeks has other products as well. Including: The BUSY MOM Clutch Organizer, The BUSY MOM Wallet, The BUSY MOM Planner, Boutique Style Diaper Wipe Cases, Hair Clips, Bows & Ponytail holders.

The BUSY MOM Organizer was a great find. Being a busy mom, as most moms are I found this product to be very handy and useful. It holds a note pad (I always know where to write my lists) there is a spot to hold a pen or pencil as well as extra pockets to hold other various items like your cell phone or coupons. I personally use the extra pockets to hold my stamps and letters that need to be mailed or bills that need to be paid. The BUSY MOM Organizer is made up of three different fabrics (the fabric choices are beautiful and can easily compliment any style). The button and elastic closure make The BUSY MOM Organizer expandable. This means that when I have a lot of papers or thick envelopes to bring with me this Organizer will hold them all. Then I know exactly where they all are.

“Put it in your purse or just keep in near you for quick access to all your things. Coupons, iphone, business cards, receipts, shopping lists, and anything else we busy Moms need to keep close. You can even put personalized stationary in it and give it as wonderful gift!

This notebook includes a slot for a pen, a large 5x8 notepad and 4 handy pockets with stitched detailing for a little something extra. Notebook measures 6.5 x 8.5 when closed and 13 x 17 when fully opened. The perfect size! Notebook seals secure with a matching button.

With 2 boys myself (2 years 9 months and 6 months) the crayon wallet works wonders. I gave it to L to use while we were in the car, at dinner, visiting friends and at home. And he loved it in all these places. The crayon wallet comes with a 4x6 pad, 8 crayons, but the slots are big enough to hold 16, which is nice if you would like to add more colors to your child’s pallet. It is also made with an extra pocket which can hold stickers, finished artwork or other embellishments. The wallet measures 6 x 5 when closed (which fits nicely in any diaper bag) and 6 x 15 when opened. It has a Velcro latch to keep everything neat and tidy.

Not only does L use this crayon wallet but it also comes in a variety adorable fabrics. L’s is made from Disney’s Cars Theme and having “McQueen” on his own special crayons makes it something that he loves even more.

Kim was great to deal with. Great customer service and a great product. Her prices are very reasonable as well as shipping costs. This is defiantly a product that I love and I hope that it will be What U Love too.

You can contact Monkey Cheeks through Facebook or on Etsy.


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