What You Love

August 18, 2010

Now On FaceBook!

Alright, we are now on FaceBook and once we reach 40 Fans there, we will have a give away here. Which means that you will have to follow this site in order to be in the give away. The give away will be the first product and will be from Metal Memories. You have to be a fan of both Metal Memories and What U Love to be entered into this give a away.

Here is our Logo!

Let's Get Started!

Let's face it, we all have stuff. Stuff that is "garbage", stuff that is "OK" and best of all stuff that U LOVE!! This stuff, the stuff U Love is the best stuff, but also is the hardest type to get. We see something think that it is perfect, but turns out it is not.

Here I will help you find What U Love. I will give my opinion and I hope it will help.

If you have a product, and you think it will be What We Love, then please let me know:)